These folks do more than just transmissions. They replaced my 3rd & 4th gear synchros, clutch, cats, exhaust manifolds and intercooler in the same visit. Took them two days. The price was right and I am a happy customer.

Anthony Lovetro, Rancho Cordova, CA

I called Ferrari Transmission Repair and told them that I was having troubles finding a reputable place to rebuild my 430 transmission. They said they hear this all the time and to just ship it to them. I did that, and they completely rebuilt the transmission in three days. Has been working perfectly ever since. Great job!

Fred Boyer, Seattle, WA

I drove my Modena into their shop first thing in the morning. They removed the transmission, replaced the first and second gear synchros, reassembled the car and I drove it home that same evening!! Super nice people.

Mike Niday, San Jose, CA